FMCG Marketing

Products: PARK Retail Marketing Pvt Ltd. trades in Surya Chhap tobacco, we also manufacture our own brand of Sounff Dhanadal named “One 2 ka 4” and “H.H brand” of Edible lime both available in a variety of packing.

Park Retail Marketing Pvt Ltd. has a strong and growing network of channel partners covering over 7500 villages in Maharashtra. It is through such strong channel network that we have been able to make a mark in the market.

Farm Equipment

There is a simple rule, “to be the best, you have to work with the best.” Hence, we entered into farm equipment sector as a dealer for MASSEY FERGUSON tractors. In a short span, we have already eclipsed a substantial amount of market share held by other tractor brands.

Wind Power Project

Wind power is a clean and green source of energy. Utilising a free and unlimited source from nature without causing any harm to the environment puts us in a win-win situation. Renewable energy sector is a continuously evolving sector. There are continuous changes in technology, market conditions and policy environment which have led to the emergence of new trends within the industry.

Real Estate

PARK Retail Marketing Pvt Ltd. is also expanding into real estate business. The real estate sector is one of the fastest growing and globally recognised sector. The total realty market in the country is expected to touch US$ 180 billion by 2020. With the rise in demand for office as well as residential space, the real estate sector has witnessed high growth in recent times. The real estate sector continues to be a favoured sector for investments from international as well as private investors. In the upcoming years, the residential as well as commercial segments of the real estate industry is set for major growth, aided in no small part by the government's plans and initiatives to boost this sector.